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Chris Arise Review
Massages with Chris have been nothing but beneficial for both a client's mental and physical health! He can skillfully manoeuvre and learn more about the patient's current reality by asking the right questions to gain a great understanding of how pain is preventing day to day activities. This allows him to apply his knowledge with techniques that not only relieve pain but encourage the body to return or improve to a better state, whether that's posture, biomechanics, alleviating compressions, or waking up sleepy muscles so that they can function properly. All these techniques are layered with his genuine personality who cares about his patients on their road to recovery or a pain-free life while remaining nothing but professional on all levels!
In saying this, my massages with him, I feel, have immensely helped calm my brain that never stops worrying about college, as well as aiding my body to reconnect with itself to function in a more efficient/pain free way. His professional yet genuine demeanour always creates a safe, comfortable, and positive environment! He always suggests something to be done at home whether that's an exercise or a stretch or a different modality, to further aid the work that he's done at his office. That being said, the assessments, massage, and home care are all taken into account so that he can use his knowledge to educate and help heal your body from the bumps and the rollercoaster ride of life!
Thank you so much Chris!

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